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Nov 18, - Yeah, it's offensive and stupid gaming/sex humor, but it had some funny, odd .. An aggravated rape that is portrayed as winning the game, no less. Truckers Delight animated video clip directed by newcomer wunderkid.

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That last detail is why it's now an iPhone game. If you haven't seen Trucker's Delight and are extremely curious -- which I was after playing the game -- Google it up. I can't link to Truckers Delight from here because of its extreme sexual content, but just know that if you ever wondered what hardcore bit porn would look like, Trucker's Delight answers that burning question.

Episode 1 is modeled after the first segment of the video, in which the pig-faced trucker blows Truckers Delight horn Truckers Delight a Truckers Delight blonde that drives next to Tonight is the Night rig.

She gives him the finger, Truckers Delight puts him in hot pursuit. The video continues with the woman reaching her destination -- a strip club, of course -- but this iPhone game stops short of the sugar shack. If not, um, watch this John Vanderslice video instead. If you don't mind the sex, violence, and poop, though, here you go!:. Posted by Eric Caoili on November 18, 6: Jesse November 18, 7: Are you aware that women look at this site? An absolute, stone cold classic.

This should be preinstalled on every iPhone.

Delight Truckers

Today, for example, the queue in Spar was huge, so what did I do Truckers Delight I waited to buy my Mini Cheddars? Yes, I played Orbital.

Delight Truckers

Three game modes, all worth Dwlight, all sorts Truckers Delight high scores and a cold, yet beautiful, aesthetic. This is one of those arcade novelties. Right now, today, this is great fun. And it makes a change from Canabalt.

Delight Truckers

If Truckers Delight Revolution seems a bit too much, play Slay instead. Beautiful graphics, simple yet addictive gameplay and a fairly worrying backstory based on a music video.

I keep meaning to, but somehow things get in the way. I said yesterday Dekight this was great fun. Adult boob games an awful lot more to say about it, Deliht. So you decide, as you do, to Truckers Delight her down the road and ram into her car as much as possible… which somehow earns you money.

November 18, 5: Especially after two epic threads about rape experience and not knowing whether Tryckers trust other people, it seems, I don't know. To post about this animation that's rather the antithesis of all that work. Anime porn really just not getting it. I'm just not feeling the "different strokes for different folks" here, even if it's "art".

Right, That Truckers Delight is already being almost universally derided by the commenters over there. What is the point of discussing its poor taste here as well? Flag it, use the contact form, it'll Truckers Delight deleted or it won't.

I don't think this belongs on the blue. And that's saying something, considering my own posting history. The point is to get it out strip a girl games the open and to Trkckers the discussion here, per etiquette.

That post was Truckers Delight and I wouldn't mind seeing it deleted. That said, I don't think all posts on MeFi have to be philosophically homogeneous or build on each other. Previous posts are not "work" that needs to Truckers Delight by later posts. I'm sorry, are you suggesting that Truckers Delight ban all mention of any media including rape as a theme Truckers Delight topic? That animation is funny and well-made.

To me, MetaFilter is Tuckers utility and part Christie Dungeon 2. I do believe that as we go forward there is Trucksrs going to be some cohesion to our posts, our discussions, or assumptions.

If I'm wrong about this, whatever, but I don't think I'm actually wrong. One of the spontaneous things that often grows up around consistent moderation is community and community standards. No, just those in which male aggression results in rape for comic effect and a reluctant woman Truckers Delight impaled on a phallus so massive that it stretches her body into a skin-balloon. I watched Pink Flamingos more than once and enjoyed it every time, but still somehow could find no redeeming value in this animation.

Yeah in another universe it might be okay but not really this Dslight. Feel free to close this discussion Truckers Delight you feel it's Trucksrs.

Nov 18, - Stunning 8–bit animation from Jérémie Perin (Premiere Heure) – like John Kricfalusi animating a Russ Meyer film for the Megadrive.

I'm also fine with it staying open. Look, I'm not one to defend misogynistic ideals. The patriarchy doesn't please me despite how it privileges Deligh. But there are all sorts of art that many people find in Truckers Delight taste.

Delight Truckers

For instance, I find Ren and Truckers Delight completely without taste. It literally makes me want to vomit most of the time. No, just those in which male aggression results in rape for comic effect Why should rape be a protected class, Truckers Delight general violence isn't? Most of slapstick is predicated on violence. But I don't see anybody complaining about the misogyny in The Three Stooges.

Likewise, I don't imagine it's any less traumatizing for somebody who's been beaten to watch slapstick than it is for someone who's been raped to watch the trucker animation. As a sight gag, just hilarious. Part of a community is having people who mostly fit in, but who have odd or unpopular ideas. The last goddamn thing I Truckers Delight from any community, and especially metafilter, is homogeneity and Truckers Delight.

I find this whole meta callout far more unsettling than I do the original post. Truckers Delight I had wished that the original animation had ended with the girl "winning" Netzapper, I'm sorry you feel that way.

Jessamyn for the win! It was not that great - I was thinking about it while doing the The Tales of St.

Clares, what it was that was so lame about it and decided it was too facile. Uncle Grandpa wowed me with how much I hated it, which, in turn, is a kind of respect. Jokes about gigantism, aeronautic enemas Truckers Delight facial ejaculation in space: Probably worth Truckers Delight that the poster of that thread is a woman I'm trying to feel sad about it being deleted, since there's obviously always been a place here for obnoxious humor, but ultimately think kalessin's point about it not being appropriate for this community at this time is spot-on.

As I said in the Truckers Delight reason, this is part a timing issue and part a judgment issue. I know desjardins as well as I can know anyone I haven't met on MeFi and Truckers Delight sure this wasn't some cryptic hurf durf rapists commentary on her part.

However it was also posted in the middle of the night and didn't really have any contextual cues that, if Truckers Delight didn't know her, made it clear sort Truckers Delight what she was up to with the post. And the thread where MeFies [women and men] have been sharing their perspectives on rape and assault and sexual aggression is still going strong.

And rape is a topic that it's hard to do well under the best of circumstances, though we've seen people do it. This was a little too not-well so it got under people's skin and they didn't like it and thought it was bad. If kalessin had come here lesson of passion free said "I think this is a bad deleteable post" and people had disagreed, things might have gone the other way. I don't want MeFi groupthink here either but it doesn't mean that edgy distasteful stuff always sticks around because we feel that we need to provide counter-examples.

The same has been true for racially charged stuff and pet abuse topics. I think it's easier to see the line with pet abuse posts because no one thinks that pets could possibly be a Truckers Delight class" and it's easier to see that we just don't want to be the sort of site Truckers Delight says "this video of this person hurting an animal is hilarious" posted by jessamyn staff at 6: The more I think about it, the more this thread is making me the most pissed off I've ever been on metafilter.

Truckers Delight: Episode 1 for iOS - Free download and software reviews - CNET

I don't feel at all strongly masturbation games for girls the animation itself--it was Deligyt, but hardly brilliant.

But this thread just has Truckers Delight absolutely seeing red. I think it basically comes down to the idea that a thread on the blue should be deleted because of somebody's question on the green. I recognize that rape is a sensitive subject.

But it feels to me like the extension of this argument is to ban all mentions of death on the blue, because some people on the green are dealing with loss. Or to ban all discussion of tax code reform because somebody on the green's in trouble with the IRS. I battle Truckers Delight every day when I remember that life is finite I understand that ask. And that we Truckers Delight a community.

But curtailing the community conversation because of the trauma of one member? That's throwing out the baby with the bathwater. I'm hardly suggesting that a pro-rape scree by some idiot somewhere be posted. But a humorous animation?

I just don't fucking get it. I'm really hoping it's just sleep-dep that has me feeling this way. So I'm Truckers Delight to go Trufkers a cigarette, then go to sleep Me too, because the alternative is I sort of feel, to give another sideways example, that if Deligbt posted I dunnow some hilarious "man has brain tumor which explodes leading to encounter with aliens then dies" animation, we might remove it because, y'know, mathowie's just out of the hospital.

Have a good rest Netzapper, we'll be here when you get back. I'm sorry, but feeling like I have to watch what I read on Metafilter where the epic anti-rape thread is still going strong, having a personal opinion that the Trucker's Truckers Delight post was not well-timed or Truckers Delight does not mean that I am participating in group-think. In fact, I am one Truckers Delight the least Deligyt people I know and I object to that label vociferously.

So I call shenanigans. Let's do some deeper thinking and try not to be so fucking dismissive. Trucker Fags in Denial on MetaFilter, Yeah, that's an absolutely certain signal to yourself that you need to turn off the computer and go do something else.

I don't recall the Stooges being particularly misogynistic. The rape in Truckers Delight animation wasn't incidental. It was the Truckers Delight premise. This brief cartoon was nothing but a vehicle for rape and scat humor. If you don't see why that's pretty much something each person should Truckers Delight to seek out on their own, and not something to Truckers Delight shared in a community like MetaFilter, well then I really don't know what to say.

There is a way of playing on taboos that leaves people feel that they've been given something to consider, or at least something greater than the sum Truckers Delight its parts, something that stands adult interactive sex games its own as comedy. Delibht didn't do any of those things, in my opinion.

Delight Truckers

It was puerile and gross for the sake of being puerile and gross. We Can Do Better.

Super Awesome Animation: Truckers Delight (18+)

Thinking, "How bad could it be? It's pretty fucking bad. I haven't even finished my coffee and I feel violated and offended. Good call on the deletion. The animation sounds dreadfully sick to me.

Not appropriate for Metafilter, thank you Jessamyn for deleting it. Alia of the Bunnies Truckers Delight 6: It's not exactly Robert Crumb. Truckers Delight quality or Truckers Delight the badness of its taste posted by dng at 6: I saw the video adult hentia games so ridiculously bizarre that it could not be construed Truckers Delight condoning rape, but I appreciate that rape is a sensitive topic as it should be and I apologize for not keeping that in mind.

I don't know to what this is referring - nothing on the green influenced my posting decision. The guy has no web presence that I could find except for a few brief mentions in Truckers Delight French language blog.

Of course the gaming-relatedness is not in any way the offensive part. I'm and work and haven't looked at this thing. It was the first mention of anything like that and I was ignorant. Yeah, it's a total Truckers Delight parody. Along with the homophobia and rape, I mean. This is a question that keeps coming up: Why is rape privileged, and we can't joke Truckers Delight it, Truckers Delight we joke about all sorts of other violence.

But I think that's generalizing violence too much. The Three Stooges pulled each other's noses; they didn't travel Truckers Delight Guyana and poison cultists. Ren Truckers Delight Stimpy slapped each other Truckers Delight, they didn't build gas chambers.

Not that rape, Guyana, and gas chambers are completely off-limits for humor, but they're not a good blend with slapstick, which, after all, comes partially from the world of puppetry -- Punch and Truckers Delight, to be precise -- and so was always understood as representing an impersonation of violence, rather than violence itself. And Punch was pretty anarchic -- he had a habit of assaulting his wife who assaulted him back, although most modern Punch shows trim that back quite a bit, domestic assault no longer being viewed as hilariousthe police, Truckers Delight whoever else crossed his path.

But he never raped anybody. I guess I think there can be ethics in comedy, and one of my rules is that you don't go after people who have already been hurt, you don't re-victimize them by making them the butts of jokes.

So jokes in which Truckers Delight are the punchline are off-limits, because people have actually been raped, and it's not fucking funny. And Truckers Delight suppose an argument Truckers Delight be made that comedy is often used to push boundaries of taste, and I agree with that argument, but I just don't feel its very useful to push on this particular side of the envelope, because when it spills open, bullying spills out.

As someone who is fine with the FPP deletion on the grounds of crappy framing and timing, I have to say that I'm with Netzapper in finding the call for cohesion really off-putting. Being told how right I am by people who agree with me is not what I'm looking for here, at all.

I think it's kick-ass that even my ultra-crappy local library makes available -- on the general circulation shelves, no less -- a whole bunch of books that are offensive to many, velma gets spooked not most, people in Truckers Delight community. MeFi isn't a public library, but it shouldn't be a boring echo chamber either, where weird and even sometimes offensive stuff can't be seen and discussed in the light of day. To reiterate, I think the deletion was the right decision, but because of Truckers Delight lack of framing, rather than that the subject itself should be considered forbidden.

That's wrongy wrong wrongly wrong wronging wrongness, but low resolution graphics are incorrectly associated with gaming in the same way that comics and cartooning are wrongly associated with kiddie entertainment. I don't particularly agree with the deletion -- and I think the thing about how we're not building on "work" here applies -- but Jessamyn's judgement carries more than a little weight with me.

Generally speaking if I disagree with a moderator decision around here, Truckers Delight likely because I'm wrong or underinformed about something. I think the implication is that it's gaming related because of the intentionally low resolution of the animation and flat, heavily quantized color palette. And because it uses the car and the lady from Outrun, and contains loads of parodies of other games and game genres. Yeah, 'cause it's wrong to be pissed off Truckers Delight something on Metafilter.

Having the thread deleted is fine WTF desjardinsbut the premise of this callout is disturbing in that it holds the threads about rape experiences as a barometer of what should and should Truckers Delight be humorous on Metafilter. It's completely understandable Truckers Delight people would be offended by that animation and want it deleted, but attitude of "OMG, how could you, what is wrong with you, did you not read Truckers Delight very very very important threads about rape?!

In choosing to call out Truckers Delight for their supposed ignorance, you displayed some of your own, which pretty much negates the callout. You've also done the rather gross thing we all do from time to time, taken our personal views and projected them as them as being correct games like dreams of desire normal and those who disagree are not only wrong but have something wrong with them Truckers Delight in the process leaned on what you believe is the crowd's opinion to further highlight the rightness of your views.

So yeah, I can understand Netzapper's anger at this callout. Instead of standing back and letting a discussion roll about the animation quality, humor, and shitthisiskindofoffensiveamirite? Thanks Truckers Delight, and thanks jessamyn for deleting it. Sorry all, this was bad judgment on my part How dare you try and be reasonable about this! Having finished my coffee: This sort of humor isn't new, and it's all over the Truckers Delight and off it.

Truckers Delight

This particular example displays some of the more offensive and brutal objectification I've ever seen, plus a nice heaping of violent homophobia. As a female person, I've been offended by this stuff since I started going on the internet as a young teen. And I've never seen a Truckers Delight like this before. I see the "timing" issue of it not as hypersensitivity but as a new freedom in light of the rape discussions to decry things like this as offensive and deeply hurtful to some members of the community.

It's like the advice given in those discussions about rape to men who wanted to help Truckers Delight feel and be safer: I agree that if this were framed better maybe as a discussion of historical rape comedyit could have been an okay post.

Otherwise, this sort of thing belongs on porn games mobil. I'm a little torn here, because while I entirely agree with the outcome deleted postI'm uncomfortable with the stated reasons why. Personally, I think something should either pass or Truckers Delight on its own merits, not based on whatever's happening in AskMe.

It's a horrible animation, and should be removed purely for that reason, not because it might offend this week's special snowflake. In my opinion, if you can even imagine a time that a post would be acceptable in the Truckers Delight, it shouldn't be removed in the present. There are a lot of sub-communities and different Truckers Delight groups here, and policing based on how certain Truckers Delight will feel is a really, really bad precedent.

It means whoever is in favor with Truckers Delight mods gets extra protection until someone else comes along. If you're gonna remove something because it's bad, then just remove it because it's Truckers Delight.

If it's no good this week, it should be no good EVER. I'm firmly in the 'no good EVER' camp on this animation, so I'm glad it was deleted, but I don't like that thought process.

There's been much more aggressive moderation recently, and I don't think it's been going in a good direction.

I probably wouldn't have watched free downladable bestialoty movies even if there had been more naked porn games, but given the timing and context-less-ness of it, I think the deletion was a good call.

Trucker Fags is the funniest comic I have ever read. The most offensive thing about the video was its depiction of truckers as horndogs on wheels. No one's said a goddamn word about that, though, which is to be expected around here. If I got it right from decades of listening Truckers Delight Red Sorvine, truckers are, properly, amphetamine addicted alcoholics who see ghosts Truckers Delight the highway and burst into tears when they hear stories about little boys.

I was planning to be offended by some crazy feminist callout of a Truckers Delight video, but that video was truly worthless. I don't think questions of context should even come Truckers Delight it, it was just disgusting and it doesn't Truckers Delight on MetaFilter in any time period whatsoever.

Delight Truckers

Can someone explain the references to an AskMe post? I remember the gigantic Mefi thread about Schroedinger's Rapist but I do not recall a recent AskMe question about pokemon hentai version game smartphone. Here's, let's all watch this much funnier and equally violent gaming-inspired video instead.

I mean, you can disagree with the deletion, and you can find this callout distasteful and that's all fine. I would suggest that preparing Truckers Delight dismiss a complaint about sexual violence being used as Truckers Delight as being some nonsense Truckers Delight a "crazy feminist" is porn storifs the best way to enter a discussion.

I'm fine with people being Truxkers about my callout.

Delight Truckers

It's not that I go out of my way to have fights. I have worked with jessamyn and cortex to actively avoid fights here, and I've had my fair share of being an asshole and getting deleted for it or called Queens Landing - though mostly in MeMail. I do Deliight that in this case it was the right thing for me to do to have a potentially Truckers Delight opinion to some of us cannibal hentia MetaFilter, to know that it would be read by some of our community as censorship or some kind of inappropriate Truckers Delight, but to have that opinion and to express it ANYWAY.

Super Awesome Animation: Truckers Delight (18+) Comments (0)

Part of the reason I posted my callout Truckers Delight that I didn't feel we had been tactful enough about either posting Truckers Delight post or consuming the post. The other part of the reason is that I thought that iron giant nude the context, the posted material was fucking insulting especially in the face of the ongoing strong and epic thread about rape experience. I feel that it is insulting and disrespectful to post material without context that by Truckers Delight actively sabotages an ongoing Truckers Delight that has demonstrably been very helpful to members of this community with material that "reads" as a violent and over the top negative and critical response to that ongoing discussion.

By no stretch of the imagination do I wish anyone to change their opinion or hot as hell game behavior on MetaFilter for my sake.

By no means do I think anyone needs to agree with me about the dating porn games though Truckers Delight glad that I apparently have overlap with SOME people Truckers Delight it means I may be able to continue contributing to MetaFilter as a whole and I might be imagined to have compatriots.

There is absolutely no reason for me to think that even jessamyn agrees with me, and I don't think she does in Tryckers entirety Truckers Delight possibly Trucjers - I don't know. I posted this callout only because I wanted to talk about the reason for the post being on the Blue and staying there until Delifht was deleted.

I am glad that jessamyn deleted the post.

Delight Truckers

I did not expect her Truckers Delight. And honestly Truckers Delight she undeleted free adventure sex games, I wouldn't Truckers Delight pissed.

I know she and the rest of the mods are careful. I know they have good reasons for what they do. I do not feel that this callout is personal which is why I didn't call out an individual but our communitybut I do think that it bears thinking about, whatever your considered opinion ends up being. I just hope, when you come back, that you're in a better frame of mind, is all I'm sayin'.

Delight Truckers

Truckers Delight don't think the mods are responding based on how certain individuals would feel about Truckers Delight given issue; they're responding based on how the community as a Delignt feels about a given issue.

I've gone back and forth about this in the grand and glorious three minutes I've just spent thinking about this issue, I'll Crossing Cups Naughty Cartoonsand I think I back the mods -- and I'm a first-amendment zealot, even.

I think, then, that what the mods did in this case Truckers Delight ascertain that in the community of Metafilter, at this time, ps4 support fuckgames post wouldn't be a great idea.

Truckers Delight didn't bend to the will of one person, they took a read on the tone of the WHOLE of Metafilter and made a call based on that. Might it be different later? And I assume desjardins can post a similar cartoon on a later date mods: But, as jessamyn said above, it wasn't so much "rape is something we should never joke about" so much Delibht "right now, Truckers Delight particular post is going Truckers Delight piss more people off than it would amuse, so in the interest of the community harmony as a whole we're going to kill it.

Rape culture is the myriad ways in which rape Truckers Delight tacitly and overtly abetted Trucker encouraged having saturated every ashita dress up hentai game of our culture so thoroughly that people can't easily wrap their heads around what the rape culture actually is.

She Truckers Delight want to be fucked and he fucked her anyway with his painfully gigantic dick. I don't know why people are whining about this.

Delight Truckers

It's just a cartoon. It doesn't represent anything. People who don't like this are ruining my fun. I'm no longer interested, and you can erase my number. Truckers Delight, yeah, it's an extra-sensitive topic right now. I was attempting to explain that my initial kasumi rebirth v3 1 as to the content of this post was wrong, perhaps to allow us to better understand the position of other people who did not want to the post to be deleted.

Wow, what a piece of shit. Thanks for the deletion, Jessamyn. Since you're playing Metafilter police, whataboutthis AskMe thread where Truckers Delight OP asks for erotica featuring: I'm not interested in engaging with you about Truckers Delight. And I'm trying to explain that this doesn't seem like a very fair guess. My God, that thing made me feel the need for eyeball bleach.

The post was a link to one of the most bizarre youtube videos I've ever seen. I understand that the lady in the car was raped insofar as she had the strange trucker's super bonus penis turn her into a human Truckers Delight.

His super bonus slurp also violated and destroyed a hummer full of barely clothed ladies on the highway there. And then there was the riding of the giant boyfriend at the club. Truckers Delight

truckers delight best, free sex video. Naked in public and sex for truckers on the hig 52 sec - 99, hits. Teen flashes to passing truckers. 3 min - 95, hits.

Maybe I missed the point of this video, though, but I don't feel it was rape-themed, rape-supporting or even resembling rape in Truckers Delight life. Anything even tangentially resembling reality? Cartoons are such weird abstractions of reality that I can't imagining relating them to my life.

I've known people who died in car crashes, but didn't think "This post is offensive because that trucker's Truckers Delight driving led to the Truckers Delight of that hummer full of girls! I feel like this is the same discussion people have over the Grand Theft Auto games. Some people say "But - you can't do that! Not the "antithesis" of that really great thread about women's rights.

Even if lesbeian xxx video post had anything to do with rape other than the inappropriate slapstick cartoon antics of a trucker, it still wasn't condoning or supporting anything. Let's all chill the fuck out, flag it as offensive and move on. One of the spontaneous things that often grows up around consistent porn games for psvita is community and community standards If you wanted to say the post was crap, fine.

I happen to agree. If you want gardevoit hentai talk about community standards a favorite term of the anti-porn crusaders, Truckers Delight might adthen it's time Truckers Delight talk about community standards. You brought it up. You can't back out now. I also saw the post itself as a "Hey MeFi, here's a Truckers Delight chunk of WTF", but that doesn't change the fact that the actual content of the post is basically about an aggravated rape, cartoonish or otherwise.

There's enough WTF out there that people can easily find it if they want to. An aggravated rape that is portrayed as winning the game, Truckers Delight less. Are you really Truckers Delight to decide what's tactful about for others to consume? Not everything revolves around those threads.

flairs truckers delight

Could you perhaps take the chip off Truckers Delight shoulder before asking people to engage you? I suspect you'll find you're much more persuasive, better received, and much better able to Truckers Delight your views once you do.

So do you think someone really did fly an aeroplane up a woman's arse then? Just not following your argument Truckers Delight, AZ. How can Punch and Judy be representing an impersonation pit enemies xxx domestic violence, while this animation is somehow representing the real Truckers Delight Or Truckers Delight, I follow it, but it doesn't seem valid. The acts portrayed were so utterly fantastic that nobody could imagine that they represent things that actually ever happened to anybody at all.

So is it something about the sexual nature of rape that makes it less suitable for comedy or less appropriate for a post on the blue than a piece on Punch and Judy would be?

News:truckers delight best, free sex video. Naked in public and sex for truckers on the hig 52 sec - 99, hits. Teen flashes to passing truckers. 3 min - 95, hits.

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