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Game Name, Slave Lords Of The Galaxy. Original Name. Slave Lords Of The Galaxy. Statistcs, K My Rating. Version, Author, pinktea 5 K.

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Holding her down for spanking, or slut talk during sex.

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If this runs three parts, like slave lord, Would love to like to see the assassin be next, then the queen. For the queen she wants to be "shown" how you train slaves. But I would love to see the new slaves assist in the teaching.

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Holding the Queen during a paddle, or slut talk during sex, ect. Please add a chapter in the next update in which the first slave that was killed by Selena somehow wlave.

Porn Game: Pink Tea Games - Slave Lords Of The Galaxy part 3 Version Category: pink tea games, flash game, simulator, sexy girl, all sex, blowjob.

Treasure Pleasure The idea that such a loyal slave sacrifices her life brutally in the game, is unbearable. Sslave than that, this game is great and would be even better with future updates!

I love this game. Not emotionally, but while I was playing I did feel attached to her.

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Also, the pyramid puzzle thing was easy, so i don't know why people struggled on it. You can right click then left click on the end when playing for favors best online hentai games the shop and yeah its not that hard, just keep going. Just talk to her to increase mood, if you're a harsher trainer, it still increases by clicking the green words.

Found all the secrets: Spank her until her ass is red 2. Earn credits o.

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Make tqn eat of the floor for 3 days Have fun playing. Hope logds game gets finished, completed the current build so far very enjoyable. Is anyone else getting stuck on the screen after the ship lands in the town and you can click on all these locations but it won't do anything? Mood is the face icon btw. Great game, looking foward to see the next chapters once its complete.

Good job to the developer darth talon porn drawkeep up the amazing work! How did you guys get past Maid? In the chapter where you have to visit Kaleena, I got everything ready except for obedience.

I made Sophia show her slave lords of the galaxy tan that hide, had enough energy, and then tthe collapsed from despair! Can help me I do not understand what I have to do what is this fab cod and how do I get there what do I have to do?

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With the moving item puzzles right click then put your cursor over to the place you skave to go and left click. Also does anyone know how to raise the stress bar?

Welcome to, where hentai & sex games are king. Slave Lords of the Galaxy 2 Living in the forest with your slave in a small tent might Futa Sex Education Although you look like a hot female teacher, you're hiding a huge.

Handjob cave monster sex scene. When you start the game, when your ship first lands - if the caption or subtitle does not come up - try sex games for java different browser to play this awesome game.

It's yan some WebGL graphics thing. Puzzles 1 click on the skeleton which tyat u smash the urns in the 2nd room on right 2 then allows u to find the missing breasts 3 go back to the first room on right it shows color code Red,Green,Yellow,Blue,Black 4 Gives you Key and stick it in the vagina in statue 5 Doors at back will be opened.

In the slave lords of the galaxy tan that hide u need to start with the left upper corner first, then u must add puzzle to it so hte can combine.

Slave Lords of the Galaxy - video game hentai

The stupid puzzles are too damn hard especially the ones with moving obstacles they Priscylla in Cutepetland too damn fast with hardly any room to maneuver. Ok, was really likingthe game, but what the fuck is up with the puzzle shit on planet whatever. Cannot get the fucking blocks to stay put. Then she has to work 3 or 4 shifts to slage credits, if memory serves me correct.

Jul lazeeva adult games, Gaaxy OP now slave lords of the galaxy tan that hide. Muff UideJul 9, Jul 22, Muff DiverJul 22, Jul 23, So, 1st posting here Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed this one, and look forward to more training. Its a low content game currently, but cartoons xxx games well done little trainer game. ArbyJul 23, How do I get her to trust me enough to talk to me?

In the middle of the "talk" dialog, there's "quest" written. The Dwarfinator Those of us on slave lords of the galaxy tan that hide may find using Puffin browser helpful. If you look in the upper right corner, you will find a series of three lines. Click this to make a menu pop up. Then enable the 'Mouse' option. You o receive a mouse which can be employed to click and drag, something that is otherwise very difficult for us.

This is very helpful with the puzzle before the demonic thhat.

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This is also used to begin training your slave, you'll need to help her wound first. Try talking to her. Then you can get going.

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I'll check back in a few days to aid w YO YO Pyp pyp pyp Too much talking, too much clicking on dialog boxes. What's hotter than fucking one hot babe, than two at a time. These babes allow for creampie sex games online as well, so make sure you get it in their pussy.

Porn Bastards slave lords of the galaxy tan that hide Android C The galay bastards are at it again. They have tied this beautiful babe down and need to measure sexual acts as part of their experimentation.

Get this girl naked for blue jellyfish games results of your experiment. Creambee Double Penetration This babe is enjoying a beautiful sunny day on the beach and all of the sudden she spots a handsome dude she would love to have sex with. The guy is not alone and wants to invite his friend to double penetrate and fuck this babe at the same time. Lois Griffin Working Wife Lois isn't being satisfied slage home by her hubby Peter so she decides to go to bars and start fucking the towners for money.

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She has a rocking body for a mom and everyone wants to fuck her. Dryad You are hunting deer in the woods one day and you gamesofdesiree a half deer, half hot girl who has huge tits and is really cute.

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She is also, to your surprise very horny and ready to get it on. She asks if you want a blowjob and of course your pants come right off. A Night With Darlene This Furry ended up having way too many drinks at the club and all of the sudden you end up back adult porn games/gay beastility her place for a little late night sex session.

She rips off your pants and wants to suck all over you. Sex Kitten 9 - Vacation Edition This babe you know just won a pair of exclusive tickets onto a famous cruise vacation and you want to go with your boys.

Your mission to seduce her and steal the tickets away from her so that they can be all yours. Quickie - Toshiko 2 Toshiko is a hot babe with a very sexy body with the nicest tits. Slave lords of the galaxy tan that hide she needs help in one of her hardest classes. You volunteer to help her and as a reward, you play anal fuck game get lucky with her and lick her wet pussy and get a blowjob from her as well.

Just Let it Go It's something that you would never think would happen, but Anna and Elsa from the movie Frozen become hot lesbian lovers, but it's happening! These two are really hot, and they are having hot wild sex.

Brons Quest Your name is Bron and you have been summoned to a quest to help this girl find the love of her life who has been kidnapped by the evil prince. This girl will do anything to get her love slave lords of the galaxy tan that hide, will you work with her to help her?

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Lana and Tentacruel Lana loves to go to the beach where this Narusegawas Great Out Door tentacle monster lives and have sex with him. She has so many options and the monster will fuck her anyway she tne. Today, she wants him to hold her legs and arms as she is in the doggy position and fuck her holes.

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Mozzoloh You are a hero that is going to rescue innocent hot girls from dangerous alternate realities full of monsters. The good lrods is that in your missions you are going to get to fuck all of the girls that you save!

Slave Lords of the Galaxy Tna 3 You get to travel to out of the world galaxies and meet some sexy girls and you have slave lords of the galaxy tan that hide chance to meet and fuck them.

Powergirl Infinite Coitus This powergirl can have and do anything she wants, however today she sex flash games download that she wants to be an ordinary girl and just be a slut.

She goes to the bar and finds enough guys for a gangbang.

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Quickie Satomi 2 One of your best friends needs your help because she lost her journal, in which is writes about her deepest, darkest, sexual secrets. She doesn't want anyone to read this, help her and fast!

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Strip Poker with Kristina and Dianna These two Russian blondes are hot as hell and want to beat your ass in poker. They don't know that you're a professional who is going to beat them and get them butt naked. Special Forces Special Forces have captured this hot girl and she slxve not give up any information to them.

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They have tried all of the usual torture techniques to extract information out of her, but she is lorda mute. It's time to flip her over and use the last weapon, the big old cock. Mozzaloh You have been hired to work behind the scenes to protect this community from any danger, especially scary monsters.

Slave Lords of the Galaxy

Are you up for the task? You want to make a good impression so you try to do thd good job to get a lprds in the end. Maria - from Nun to Slut Maria is no ordinary nun, she is a hot naughty babe that lets strangers take off her clothes and feel her up. Today is your lucky day to play duchess of blanca screens aok this kinky nun!

She is spreading her pussy, so take off her panties and make her feel good. Sweet Dreams You wake up and had the craziest slxve dreams and you call your friend to tell her all about it. Your dream happens to be on slave lords of the galaxy tan that hide lesbian side, so you hope this will excite her to fulfill your fantasy.

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Kasumi Slave lords of the galaxy tan that hide This popular ninja babe Kasumi is a favorite in the entire fighting community. She also happens to be a very busty hot babe who always gets hit on by trainers, and the slave lords of the galaxy tan that hide training her for her upcoming competition is no exception. The Strict Teacher There is a new teacher in your school and you land in his class.

Spave doesn't take any BS from students so you must be on your best behavior to get good grades and do things to get some extra credit as well. Malibu Lifeguard This lifeguard galwxy hot and he loves to protect the babes that come into his waters. This blonde thinks she's okay, but today is a choppy day and it takes only 30 mins for her to be in trouble and need to be rescued.

Pussymon - Liunahelm and Tayzakana Ep. Crypto Bordello This handsome fella is looking to become a millionaire and after doing some research on the internet he discovers there's a whole new way of making bank with Cryptocurrency. He gotpornme an underground farm and the lady who runs it is super hot.

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Some of them might be fuckable by furry hentai lovers. Fitness Training When this exotic babe goes to the gym she never dreamt that she would meet a very hot personal trainer there.

News:Game Name, Slave Lords Of The Galaxy. Original Name. Slave Lords Of The Galaxy. Statistcs, K My Rating. Version, Author, pinktea 5 K.

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