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I think you know how to console. You know, shit happens.

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Officer Krupt Ep. 1 - Free Adult Games

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Glory Hole Blonde Whore. Doolittle, but was found out Officsr was rejected from the audition. Early attempts to get into the Police Force when he was a teenager were unsuccessful on account of his asthma, so when it had been cured he could then pursue his ambition to become a professional gay erotica games officer.

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Having entered the Police Academy by age 24, Wiggum managed to work around his many shortcomings and finally become a full fledged officer. By the age of 34, he had managed to work his way up to the position of Police Chief of Springfield.

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He eventually was promoted to Commissioner after Bart's hoax kidnapping case. It is implied that Wiggum managed to overcome his shortcomings with coaxing methods such as great skills with back massages and charm to get the position of Chief, but he actually received the position when the frustrated former Chief resolved to give it to the next Officwr he met, which was Wiggum.

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Another explanation is when Mayor Quimby said that he made Wiggum the police chief so that the law would not be enforced to the letter, and he could get away with all his corrupt activities. This may also explain why Chief Wiggum has somewhat of a feud with Mayor Quimby, such as getting into a serious argument with him in regards to Marge's arrest, [10] blackmailing him with incriminating photos, [11] and Odficer trying to arrest Quimby for corruption charges.

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He is also implied to have a gambling problem, with a tendency to bet on the other team az when his team won. One year, he briefly got his revenge on Homer by including in his chili Guatemalan Insanity Pepperswhich he added to his chili specifically in anticipation of Homer tasting his.

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However, Homer eventually got his revenge by tasting multiple tastes of chili while having Ocficer his mouth with wax after drinking hot wax from a candle container, leaving Wiggum stunned and horrified while Homer tauntingly E. him to "not quit his day job, whatever that is". However, Wiggum ultimately got the last laugh as the Insanity Peppers ended up causing Homer to undergo a psychotic break. Wiggum is also worryingly dismissive of basic firearm safety and uses his gun for various tasks that continuously put his life in danger.

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sexfamilyimages Examples include selling pieces of it to feed his family after being fired from his position as chief of police, using it as xxx.cchuns nutcracker, and eating donuts off its barrel. When it goes off and nearly shoots him through the head instead going through the peak of his caphe Kdupt remarks on what a close call it was and resumes eating.

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It was Ocficer that Hentai game porn dies at the age of 62 after choking on a sub sandwich he stole from Homer Simpsonwho had just been killed by his police department.

Wiggum capitalizes the negative aspects of the police force and service, especially within Springfield and perhaps the judicial system in general. His badge actually states in fine print, "cash bribes only".

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In addition to the stereotype Wiggum embodies, like Homer Simpson, he often eats donuts. He can barely walk up a flight of stairs without running out of breath, let alone chase a suspect.

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